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It’s My First Triathlon. What Should I Carry on the Bike?

September 11, 2016 Comments Off on It’s My First Triathlon. What Should I Carry on the Bike?

Congratulations on entering your first triathlon. Maybe it’s coming up this weekend, or maybe you still have weeks or months to get ready. Either way, I’m going to show you what you should carry with you on the bike and how you should do it. The amount you bring varies by race distance, but the […]

Clipless Pedals

Clipless Pedals: What You Need to Know

August 28, 2012 No Comments

The idea of fixing your feet to the pedals of your bike may strike you as insane. But there is a very good reason cyclists wear funny shoes and that is efficiency.

Stationary Bike Trainer Overview

Stationary Bike Trainer: Overview

August 5, 2012 No Comments

First look at different types of stationary bike trainers.

Basics of Bike Training

Basics of Bike Training

August 5, 2012 No Comments

Cycling is probably the easiest triathlon segment to train for. With the proper bike fit and the right training, triathlon cycling can be relaxing and enjoyable, while still ensuring a good finishing time.

Road Bike vs Aero Bike for Triathlon

July 11, 2012 No Comments

Bikes and cycling equipment are the largest financial outlay a beginning triathlete will face. Which kind of bike do I need to do a triathlon?